How to Build a Startup Team — Course Highlights

  • Importance of the right team
  • Costs of a bad hire
  • How to recruit and select team members
  • Understanding the core team
  • Understanding team roles
  • Conducting interviews
  • Managing team performance
  • Various KPI
  • How to reward and retain talent

Learning Resources

  • (Excel) spreadsheet — Offer Letter Template
  • (Excel) spreadsheet — Rejection Letter Template
  • (Excel) spreadsheet — Interview Checklist and Scorecard

Suitable For?

  • All business owners or entrepreneurs currently intending to start hiring their team
  • Managers who are looking to embark on a recruitment process
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs or start-up founders researching how a start-up process should be like

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand how to recruit the right people to have a formidable team
  2. How to choose the right people
  3. How to manage your team’s performance
  4. Giving the right rewards to retain your talented employees



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