• Kuo-Chung Huang

    Kuo-Chung Huang

  • Vikram Sachdeva

    Vikram Sachdeva

  • Anurag Srivastav

    Anurag Srivastav

    Telecom Expert with avid interest in Big Data Analytics

  • Denny--數位世界的脈動觀點



  • Matthew Feargrieve

    Matthew Feargrieve

    Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management consultant with more than twenty years experience of advising fund managers.

  • Alex Chou

    Alex Chou

    A true believer of bitcoin and blockchain. Bridging reality with digital value. Red Building Capital, Blockchain VC, Business Development

  • Robert Niimi

    Robert Niimi

  • C.C.


    Intern at Amazon Web Services

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